Top 50 Batmen with Highest Batting Average in ODI Cricket

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    We as a cricket fan always curious to see players total runs and batting average when he takes guard in middle of the pitch. Cricket fans always impresses with Batmen’s batting average. We loved to see batting average of Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, AB de Villiers, David Warner and many other players when they came out to bat in any One Day International match.

    In any form of cricket batting average measures as total number of scores divided by number of times batsmen out. These are the primary measures to rate a batsmen. Batting average is considered as a good performance metric for a player which determines his skill as a batsman and how consistent he is. Batting average defines the average score a batsman is scoring per ODI match.

    If you notice it closely than you will find that batting average is always lower than the test average because of limited over’s cricket and batsmen has to play fast to maintain strike rate as well.

    Here I compiled the top 20 batsmen with highest batting average in ODI cricket. If you analyze below list than you will find that some batsmen even has only 1000 runs and their batting average is much higher than other batsmen. A true cricket fan can understands the number because a consistent player is only that who frequently scores huge runs in maximum matches like AB de Villiers, Virat Kohli and David Warner doing from past couple of years.

    In this list the highest batting average in ODI belongs to Netherland’s batsmen Ryan Ten Doeschate. He retired from international cricket before few years because of his age and he only played 33 ODI matches. In top 10 players 3 players are from India and Sachin Tendulkar is on 20th position.

    Highest Batting Average in ODI Cricket

    1RN ten Doeschate (NL)333215411196787.759
    2AB de Villiers (Afr/SA)2142059080162*54.041002451
    3MG Bevan (AUS)2321966912108*53.5874.16646
    4V Kohli (INDIA)179171775518353.1190.762739
    5Babar Azam (PAK)2323116812353.0990.5446
    6IJL Trott (ENG)6865281913751.2577.06422
    7MS Dhoni (Asia/INDIA)2862499275183*50.9688.981061
    8HM Amla (SA)148145683215950.689.242431
    9AT Rayudu (INDIA)34301055124*50.2376.2826
    10TLW Cooper (NL)232297610148.870.1618
    11MEK Hussey (AUS)1851575442109*48.1587.16339
    12Zaheer Abbas (PAK)6260257212347.6284.8713
    13IVA Richards (WI)1871676721189*4790.21145
    14GM Turner (NZ)41401598171*4768.0539
    15KS Williamson (NZ)1091034332145*46.5883.87829
    16JE Root (ENG)8075314912546.385.61819
    17AC Voges (AUS)3128870112*45.7887.1714
    18CG Greenidge (WI)1281275134133*45.0364.921131
    19DA Warner (AUS)9391394617944.8496.851316
    20SR Tendulkar (INDIA)46345218426200*44.8386.234996
    21Q de Kock (SA)7777326717844.7595.551212
    22DM Jones (AUS)164161606814544.6172.56746
    23MJ Clarke (AUS)245223798113044.5878.98858
    24JH Kallis (Afr/ICC/SA)3283141157913944.3672.891786
    25ML Hayden (AUS/ICC)1611556133181*43.878.961036
    26SPD Smith (AUS)9581310116443.6787.72816
    27LRPL Taylor (NZ)1811676070131*43.6682.271732
    28Misbah-ul-Haq (PAK)162149512296*43.473.75042
    29Haris Sohail (PAK)222177489*4382.8607
    30F du Plessis (SA)105101382518542.9788.17824
    31S Dhawan (INDIA)7675309013742.9189.95917
    32RR Sarwan (WI)1811695804120*42.6775.74538
    33MJ Guptill (NZ)1411385230237*42.5286.81132
    34JWA Taylor (ENG)272688710142.2380.1217
    35HH Dippenaar (Afr/SA)107953421125*42.2367.78426
    36RT Ponting (AUS/ICC)3753651370416442.0380.393082
    37KC Sangakkara (Asia/ICC/SL)4043801423416941.9878.862593
    38Mohammad Yousuf (Asia/PAK)2882739720141*41.7175.11564
    39Javed Miandad (PAK)2332187381119*41.767.01850
    40S Chanderpaul (WI)268251877815041.670.741159
    41JJ Roy (ENG)3534132916241.53105.5538
    42CJ Ferguson (AUS)302566371*41.4385.3205
    43RG Sharma (INDIA)153147513126441.3784.431029
    44DL Haynes (WI)2382378648152*41.3763.091757
    45L Klusener (SA)1711373576103*41.189.91219
    46SC Ganguly (Asia/INDIA)3113001136318341.0273.72272
    47G Kirsten (SA)1851856798188*40.9572.041345
    48DR Martyn (AUS)2081825346144*40.877.73537
    49KP Pietersen (ENG/ICC)136125444013040.7386.58925
    50GJ Bailey (AUS)9085304415640.5883.51322

    Note – We update above data at the end of each month so data can be delayed.

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