10 Beautiful Bowling Action by Fast Bowlers in World Cricket

In cricket bowlers are really hard working as they have to maintain their fitness level, speed, accuracy and control over swing bowling. In past decade we have seen many amazing bowlers who achieved big in cricket like Glenn McGrath, Dale Steyn, Wasim Akram and many more. Today we will discuss which bowler has the most beautiful bowling action.

10 Best Bowling Action

1. Zaheer Khan – India

zaheer khan bowling action

Indian left arm simmer Zahir Khan knows for his ability to swing the ball in both ways. Zaheer Khan was prime fast bowler for Indian cricket team for long time. But let’s talk about his bowling style now. Zaheer normally took very short running and always focus on line and length. Zaheer takes a small pause in the air while delivering the bowl and aims at the target and batsmen at the same time.

One more ability of Zaheer Khan is that he hides the ball throughout his run up and opens the ball after he spins his hand to deliver his hand. This was the main reason because batsmen couldn’t guess the ball weather it will come inside or outside. He was pure master class and still playing the IPL 2017 so we will able to see his majestic bowling one more time.

2. Dale Steyn – South Africa

dale steyn bowling action

70% cricket fans and most importantly bowlers might have once tried Dale Steyn’s bowling action. Dale Steyn’s bowling action is natural, smooth and free but his stare while bowling is rocking. A true cricket fan knows about Steyn’s athletic body and how he working hard on his bowling.

Dale Steyn takes little longer run up and with his jump he flawlessly lift his right hand and left wrist which gives his bowling action a beautiful look. His head stands still while bowling and even his follow up after bowling is too quick so a return catch or even run out could be possible too.

3. Brett Lee – Australia

brett lee bowling action

There is no need to introduce Brett Lee. An Australian pacer is known as a pace king and remained best bowler for long time. Brett Lee worked really hard on his bowling and he is role model for lots of quick bowlers around the world. Brett Lee has immense control over his accuracy and speed. Other bowler lifts their hand from bottom to top to speed the ball but Brett Lee’s action goes from top to bottom and hits the stump with full force. Brett Lee was not only successful in Australian conditions but he has good records in overseas conditions as well.

4. Waqar Younis – Pakistan

waqar younis bowling action

Waqar Younis is not known as speedster but he was swingster. Yes, Waqar Younis was the king of swing bowling along with Wasim Akram for Pakistan Cricket Team. Waqar ruled the world cricket in late 90’s and early 2000’s. Waqar takes very short run up and his jump is also not very high while delivering the bowl but his control over swing is mind blowing. His ability to bowl inswing and outswing was outstanding and batsmen often gets confused after ball pitches and gets out either caught behind or LBW.

5. Shane Watson – Australia

shane watson bowling action

Shane Watson is not speed sensation or swing master but we have to agree that his bowling style is simple and really amazing. Shane Watson is one of the most successful all rounder Australia has ever produced. His control over his line & length is incredible and his economy in test cricket is under 3 and in ODI cricket is under 5 which is just amazing. He takes very short run up and slowly lifts his hand over his shoulder and delivers the ball.

6. Chaminda Vaas – Sri Lanka

vaas bowling action

Chaminda Vaas is Sri Lankan swing star and we can say that he was underrated brilliant bowler. Left Arm pace bowler always recognized because of their swing. Chaminda Vaas has very simple but fluent action which any one can copy. Wait, you can only copy his bowling action but not his control over swing and accuracy.

7. James Anderson – England

james anderson bowling action

James Anderson is most successful right hand bowler of world cricket. James Anderson is complete package for any team because he has swing, speed, line & length and most important he gives you wicket. His bowling action is one of my favorite and tried during my college days as well. When we push any spring it comes back even harder and same way James Anderson delivers the ball. He takes his right hand below his head along with his left wrist and delivers ball accurately on stumps.

8. Shane Bond – New Zealand

shane bond bowling action

Whenever we discuss about who is the fastest bowler in world cricket, Shane Bond comes to our mind at first place. Shane Bond was New Zealand speedster and played 82 ODI’s for the country. Shane Bond often misses the game because of his injuries. Shane Bond was the true hunter of Australian batting line up. Shane Bond has perfect bowling action and when he debuted in world cricket for New Zealand every cricket fan admired him for his action and fast bowling. He has very short career in cricket but he gave so many memories to general fast bowler.

9. Wasim Akram – Pakistan

wasim akram bowling action

Many left arm fast bowler now a days has similar bowling action of Wasim Akram. Wasim Akram was the first bowler to complete 500 ODI wickets. He was a god of bowling because of his consistent improvement on bowling. Wasim takes very short run up but mainly focuses on his jump, head, wrist and fingers while delivering the ball. Wasim Akram’s head remains very still and has easy follow through because he gets many wicket as LBW.

10. Glenn McGrath – Australia

glenn mcgrath bowling action

Last but not the list, Glenn McGrath was sensational bowler for Australian cricket. He was popular, lovable, successful, team men and complete package. Because of McGrath Australia won so many matches even after their low scores. In today’s era if you ask any bowler who is your role model, than h 80% will say Glenn McGrath. Not a single bowler can beat the consistency in line & length of Glenn. His bowling action is absolutely simple. He lifts his hand towards his shoulder and pitches the ball wherever he wants.

In world cricket there are many more bowlers who have wonderful bowling action like Bhuvneshwar Kumar, Trent Boult, Mitchell Starc, Jacques Kallis and list goes on.

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