16 Cricketers as Super Heroes from DC & Marvel Comics

Every cricket fan sees their favorite player as super hero. When your favorite cricketer performs well on field and won the match for team, than you will compare his/her shots with some superhero powers. Marvel & DC comics have lots of superheroes having amazing powers. Here we are going to compare some of the cricketers with Marvel & DC superheroes. Cricketers and superheroes has lots of powers and personality in common so this list will give you better idea about it.

#1 Rahul Dravid as Batman


Mr. Dependable & Mr. Wall from Indian cricket Rahul Dravid is perfect match for Batman. Here are few similarities between Rahul Dravid & Batman. Rahul Dravid is someone who was always ready to take a bullet for the team like Batman did many times for Justice League team. Dravid & Batman both doesn’t rely on super powers instead they train hard themselves to achieve the goals. They never give up and always like to face challenges. Both the personality never interested to take the credits rather they inspire others to achieve their goals in tough situations.

#2 Sachin Tendulkar as Superman


Do we need any introduction for Sachin Tendulkar & Superman? Both names are starts with S and have amazing super powers. When Sachin Tendulkar became first player to reach 200 runs, Ravi Shashtri simply made this comment – Gets it ! First man on the planet to reach 200 … And it’s the superman from India … Take a bow Master … Both the heroes are toughest competitor and very hard to beat in battle.

#3 Mithali Raj as Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman is considered as goddess in her land, and Mithali Raj is goddess of cricket land. Both the heroes started their training at early age and very competitive on field. Mithali & Wonder Woman are dominating in their respective fields and very heavy on their competitors. Consistency is in their blood as they never failed to perform for their team and won most battles.

#4 MS Dhoni as Captain America


Both MS Dhoni and Captain America has the ability to handle the team and leading from the front. MS Dhoni loves to done job by himself so does Captain America. Both heroes are respected in their field and had huge physical abilities to get task done. They train hard to perform best on field and deliver all round performance.  MS Dhoni and Captain America respected amongst the team members and they also listens them very carefully.

#5 Gayle as Hulk


Chris Gayle and Hulk both the super heroes are very powerful and hits very hard to their opponents. Both are calm and composed off the field but become monster on field. Opponents are always in fear for facing them because they know it can be destructive if they won’t take action immediately.

#6 Virat Kohli as Iron Man


Virat Kohli is perfect match for Marvel super hero Iron Man because both are arrogant on field. Both the players are loved by everyone despite of their arrogance. Virat Kohli and Iron Man both are stylish and loves to flaunt their attitude amongst girls. They are rich, talented, youth icons and even loved by kids as well. Iron Man loves to do party so does Virat Kohli and both are bada** in their team.

#7 Malinga as Hawk Eye


Lasith Malinga has speed, accuracy and plan in his mind when he is on field. We think he adopted this ability from Marvel super hero Hawk Eye. Lasith Malinga is very famous for his toe crushers (Yorkers) and he hardly misses them. Hawk Eye never misses his target as well from his armory and that makes them both perfect and useful for their team.

#8 Virender Sehwag as Deadpool


Funny, Witty and Extremely Dangerous is the sign of both Virender Sehwag and Deadpool. Both players are very popular in their team and loved by everyone. Opponent doesn’t know their next move and they don’t believe in team meetings at all. They just saw the target and hit them. After retirement Virender Sehwag changed and become popular amongst his fans because of witty remarks on other team members and situations.

#9 Mitchell Starc as Wolverine


Another legend from Marvel comics Wolverine easily tears through his opponent. The speedster from Australia also has the same ability because he is fast and furious. When both the player gets going then it’s difficult for their opponents to stick on field. Wolverine and Starc both are ruthless to their opponents and very strong pillar for their team.

#10 Ellyse Perry as Black Widow


Black Widow is important team member of Avengers as she has lots of responsibility to gather the team and perform for team as well. Ellyse Perry is Australian Cricketer and Footballer and complete package for their team. Both started their career at very young age in respective field and very fearless to accept challenges. They don’t have any super powers but trains very hard to achieve their desired goals for team.

#11 Ravindra Jadeja as Quick Silver


Ravindra Jadeja is known as the quickest fielder in world cricket right now and very helpful all round cricketer as well. Marvel super hero is also extremely quick and saves their team members in difficult time by using his speed powers. Sometimes they fails because of their over confidence but delivers their best when it’s needed.

#12 Jaques Kallis as Thanos


No, No here we don’t present Jacques Kallis as villain. Thanos and Kallis have lots of similarities and both are extremely powerful and successful. Opponents remain constantly in fear when both enter into the field. Kallis is one of the finest all rounder cricket has ever seen as he has the capability to bat & bowl in difficult times. Both had the influence amongst audience and team members and knows very well about how to handle the situation. Jacques Kallis and Thanos use their powers only when it requires the most.

#13 David Warner as Flash


Both David Warner and DC super hero Flash is extremely quick and powerful. David Warner is considered as a quickest fielder in world cricket and hits very hard to his opponent bowlers. No one ever tried to mess up with both Warner & Flash. Flash always gets disappointed when he fails to deliver his best, so does warner for his team. They are extremely trusted by their captain.

#14 Glenn Maxwell as Spiderman


Both are funny, quick and had hidden talent which opponent doesn’t know at all. Maxwell and Spiderman are underrated players for their team but they delivers 100% when their team needed the most. Maxwell is very easy during fielding because of his flexibility and hits very strong, so does Spider Man. Both Maxwell and Spiderman are favorite amongst the kids and adults.

#15 Kumar Sangakkara as Thor


Both Sangakkara and Thor considered as God in their own land. Thor has powerful hammer and Kumar Sangakkara has his bat which scored 4 consecutive centuries in World Cup 2015. Sometimes Thor handles whole team because of his super powers and save them. In other way Sangakkara is also extremely successful as wicket keeper, captain and batsmen who always remains top and saves his team in tough situations.

#16 AB De Villiers as Dr. Strange


AB De Villiers has all the super powers and fits for all super heroes from both Marvel & DC comics. Dr. Strange from Marvel comics has some unique powers which opponents don’t know at all. Both the players have extremely good personality and had ups and downs in their career. AB De Villiers is knows as Mr. 360 as he is able to shot in any directions so does Mr. Strange.

There are plenty of cricketers and super heroes left in the list. Write down in comment section about your favorite cricketer whom you wanted to compare with super hero.

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