What is Jalebi in Cricket? – New Invented Word in Off Spin Bowling

    Wait, here I am not talking about the sweet dish Jalebi. Jalebi is one term which recently added in cricket book. Yes, there is one spin option in cricket which is called teesra generally bowls by off spiners.


    Let’s first understand basics about spin bowling. An off spin means when a bowler bowls a delivery in between off stump and middle stump and bowl goes to leg stump after it pitches. One other term in off spin is “Dusra”. Dusra spin bowling turns other way after pitches. Many right handed batsmen didn’t get it right and gets out by stumping. Dusra delivery pitches in between off stump and middle stump and turns towards the off stump. Dusra is all about using fingers effectively while releasing the ball.

    In old times there were few great bowlers like Muttiah Muralitharan, Saqlain Mushtaq and Bishan Singh Bedi who bowls dusra very easily and got huge bunch of wickets. In recent & current time Ashvin, Harbhajan Singh and Saeej Ajmal are the bowlers who can bowl this delivery better compare to other bowlers. I hope you got the basics of off spin and dusra but what is Jalebi?

    What is Jalebi or Teesra in Cricket?

    saeed ajmal

    According to many cricketers & fans Dusra invented by legendary Pakistani off spinner Saqlain Mushtaq. As Saqlain Mushtaq claims Jalebi was first described by himself in Indian Cricket League (ICL) where he was playing for Lahore Badshahs under Inzamam-Ul-Haq. Jalebi is also known as Teesra which translates as The Third One.

    As per him Jalebi delivery never turns it goes straight after releasing the ball without changing the action. In other terms you can also use word Slider because batsman have no clue as bowler is not changing his action. In teesra bowler can get maximum LBW wickets because batsman was always in state of mind that bowl might go to the leg side (Off spin) or to the off side (Dusra) so he manages his stance accordingly and gets out.

    Saeed Ajmal also used Teesra delivery very well during his England tour 2012. He ended up with 10 wickets after the match by conceding only 97 runs. Saeed Ajmal also holds the record as only fifth bowler to pick 7 LBW wickets in a single match.

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